CEBRIG : Workshop on Resilience and Regional Economic Resilience

Thanks to the financial support of the FNRS, CEBRIG/CERMi is hosting an event at the end of September 2022, where we want to focus on the rising concept of resilience. In economics and management, the concept of resilience draws on various disciplines such as engineering and environmental sciences. The concept covers all factors related to the ability of an organization, a system to survive and adapt after a shock.

Solvay Brussels School (ULB) - Bruxelles | September 28-29 2022

During the first day – the 28th – we will focus on resilience in general : organizational  ecological, financial, urban, psychological … aspects and domains. 

On the second day – the 29th – we will discuss in detail regional economic resilience, in particularly its definition, measurement and policy implications. We will have the opportunity to welcome various international experts in the field . 

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